Slinging and Signalling - Banksman

Vehicle Banksman training is an effective way of improving the overall safety of a working environment where vehicles are required to reverse or perform maneouvres.

Vehicle Banksman are a legal requirement on many sites and a strong recommendation for any site where reversing of vehicles is unavoidable.

Nearly a quarter of all workplace transport injuries occur when vehicles are reversing. Vehicle Banksman offer drivers a trustworthy second perspective while maneuvering to play a key part in reducing accidents.

A suitable vehicle with driver will be required for the practical elements of the Vehicle Banksman course.


  • Dependent upon skill level, experience and number of candidates. 1/2 day or 1 day.

How to Book

  • To book Banksman training course at a commercial premises - call the sales team on 01964 529006 or complete our on-line contact us form

Course Venue

  • Commercial/ Private premises with access to a Vehicle and suitable area for training.

Note: This course has been approved by the relevant accrediting bodies and complies with both the Health & Safety Executives Guidance HSG6 & Approved Code of Practice L117.

Course Content

  • Conducting the Manoeuvre
  • Legal Duties
  • Planning the Manoeuvre
  • PPE Requirements
  • Recognised Signals
  • Regulations
  • Responsibilities
  • Risk Assessment of Maneuvering Task
  • Site Limitation

Course Assessment

  • Theoretical assessment of 5 open and 20 multiple choice questions, which can be conducted orally where language barriers or literacy difficulties exist.
  • Practical Test of basic operating skills, confirming skills taught on the Banksman training course

Course Certification:

  • Certificate - no extra charge

All prices are subject to vat